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view with the glass case that holds the typewritten texts:

paper roll on the CNC router at Carveture:



Vox Poplar

A generative work in collaboration with writers from Boise.

A large roll of paper hangs from a hub on the wall – 28,000 linear feet of 4.5” wide archival paper. On the face of the roll is an image of poplar trees carved in bas-relief. Poplars belong to the genus Populus, and are common in the Boise area. Next to the paper is an antique manual typewriter into which the end of the paper is fed. The typewriter moves up to get out of the way, and down when writers are ready to type.  There is a glass case on the adjacent table for the texts to be displayed.

Writers from The Cabin in Boise visit the library and interview residents. They compose texts from the interviews – either poetry or prose - and type them on site. The library displays them in the glass case. All typed texts will be archived.

The title is a play on the Latin term Vox Populi, meaning voice of the people.

The Library at Bown Crossing, Boise Idaho
missioned by the CIty of Boise
12' x 6' x 1' paper, metal, typewriter, glass case, text.

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view with the vitrine that holds the typewritten texts:

CNC routing: Carveture, Joe Valasek
Metal Fabrication: Sign Effectz
Studio assistant: Joeseph Lim

Project manager Boise: Karl LeClair
Photographs: Karl LeClair