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Photo by Mike Sinclair

Prairie Logic

We built a full-scale boxcar and planted a prairie on a public rooftop in downtown Kansas City. The boxcar doorway, when opened, becomes a proscenium stage for performances. Through local curation, events are programmed for the space including music, theater, readings, and educational programs.

Commissioned by the City of Kansas City, MO.

1/2 acre X 13 feet. prairie grass, boxcar wheels and track, aluminum, steel, gravel, performances.

The boxcar has recycled wheels and couplings, and sits on train tracks. The body of the car was fabricated from perforated aluminum, making it translucent. There are lights within; it glows at night. A gravel path leads to the boxcar, and there is a gravel area beside the door for the audience.

Collaborator at el dorado architects: Dan Maginn
Public art administrator: Porter Arneill
Fabrication and installation: el dorado inc.
Photos by Dan Videtich and Mike Sinclair

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Performance by Paul Rudy and Heidi Svoboda, June 18, 2014, Photo by Porter Arneill

Performance by Casa de Fado, June 26, 2014, Photos above and below ©Girl from Kansas