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Move the Needle
proposal drawing

The result of a year long residency with the New York Mayor's Office of Sustainability, these three 6 foot meters measure live feeds of three data streams: the number of people taking climate change action or promising to do so, the amount of electricity being used in New York, and the number of people gathering across the street in the plaza in City Hall Park.

This project was in fabrication when the Covid-19 pandemic struck New York, putting it far back on the back burner. To be continued in this or a different form.

For 31 Chambers Street, New York City
Commissioned by the PAIR Program of the Department of Cultural Affairs, New York and the Mayor's Office of Sustainability

Project managers: Kate Gouin, Lindsey-Paige McLoy, Lauren Klein from MOS and Shirley Levy and Deonarine Soongrim from DCLA
Graphic Design with Jose Menendez
Renderings: Kyle Hittmeier

proposed materials: steel, aluminum, paint, vinyl, electronics, glass, LED.

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