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photograph by Rachel Kay,

photograph by Rachel Kay,



Interimaginary Departures

A boarding hold room intersects the existing airport furniture and walls at a seven degree angle. Flights board there for 120 fictional locations from literature, gaming, science fiction, film, animation, and comics. There is a Flight Information Display board, an upcoming flight board, a ticket machine, and flight announcements.

at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
Commissioned by Austin Art in Public Places

11.5' X 21' X 31"
wood, walls, bronze, steel, leather, electronics, paper tickets, carpet, audio

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Many people worked on Interimaginary Departures, including and especially:
3-D modeling and design assistance: Kyle Hittmeier
Project managers: Tamara Johnson & Kim Turner
Fabrication: Blue Genie Art Industries & Brian Daly & Peter Lokken
Graphic design and logos: Tom Kluepfel & Chuck Robertson
Media: MuseWork Exhibits
Research: Eric Pitty & Molly Roy
Art In Public Places: Curt Gettman & Susan Lambe
Department of Aviation: Rohini Kumarage & Cory Hurless
Site superintendent: John McLaughlin
Voice actor: Peter Drew
Upholsterer: Carlos Castaneda
Machine maker: Tom Haddad
Carpet: Talal Zubair & Bilal Butt of ABC Carpet Custom Studio
Project title: Jena Osman & Amze Emmons