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Photo by Faith Ninivaggi



In Common
September - October, 2021

Two hundred blue markers with 200 questions lie inside the huge wooden cabinet at the start of this one-month event on the Boston Common. Over the month, the 200 questions emerge around the Common and reveal themselves to the public. The markers question the ownership of things that belong to anyone, everyone, or no one -- things that might have contested or ambiguous ownership. Over the month, twelve Guides talk to visitors about common-pool resources, the specific questions, what they have in common, and the Boston Common.

The markers and the cabinet glow from within at night. There is also a Giving Library with books on the many topics related to the commons and commoning.

wood, acrylic, electronics, LEDs, overalls, wheelbarrow, conversations with 12 guides.
101" X 50 acres

On the Boston Common, Boston, MA
Commissioned by The Friends of the Public Garden
curated by Now+There
Fabrication and installation: BRM Production Management

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