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Escape Destinations

Two signs containing rolling "bus blinds" each display 100 names of fictional places found in literature, film, television, comics, and games, from the eighth century BC to 2019. The yellow sign displays places from works made for children; the blue sign displays places from works made for adults. Changing every day, the piece regularly gives the park a new name. Some may be instantly recognizable while others may inspire viewers to search and discover something new.

At Urban Triangle Park, Westlake and Lenora, Seattle
Commissioned by the City of Seattle
14' X 12' X 20', steel, paint, electronics, glass, LED lighting.

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Bus Blinds: Transign
Electronics and programming: Alpha Proto, Orlando

Metal Fabrication: Sign Effectz
Renderings: Kyle Hittmeier

Project manager Seattle Office of Arts and Culture: Maija McKnight
Photographs: Spike Mafford