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diagram of the moveable screen inserted into one of the windows













The Calgary Library of Evocative Objects


Calgary Central Library

There is a moveable 2-sided transparent LED screen that can move to a different window of the library every month, traveling around the facade. Through an outreach program, residents of Calgary are invited to submit their most important and evocative object with a story or desription and a biography. if selected, the object would be 3-D scanned and made into a video animation that plays on the screen, the object rotating around the plane of the building facade. The video is visible on the inside and the outside of the library.

In the lobby, there is a touchscreen with information about the current object, its location on the facade, and a biography of the owner of the object. There is also a large database of previous objects and owners, and texts about objects of all kinds from books in the library (poetry, fiction, science, theory, etc.)

The touchscreen in the lobby

The touchscreen in the lobby with one of the objects and bios

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